7 ways to spend your Mega Millions jackpot in – mySA

So, go out and get your quick picks, light your vela, and pray that your ticket lands you some major cash after Friday night’s drawing

Treat yourself to a decked-out ride for Military Drive cruises

The first sign of someone who came into a considerable amount of money is a new ride. If you’re going to enjoy your billion-dollar winnings by staying in the Alamo City, it only makes sense that you upgrade your car. No matter if you go for an oversized truck, sexy convertible, or a puro as hell lowrider, make sure you get all the bells and whistles to show off during your next late-night cruise down on Military Drive or honking sesh downtown. San Anto por vida, after all.

Secure VIP treatment at any Fiesta event – for life

Fiesta may only come once a year, but it’s a wonderful two weeks when the city loves to drink up, stuff our faces, dance our asses off, and, to put it tamely, get down all the ways that we love. Whether you want all the beer tickets you can handle, a mix of chicken-on-a-sticks every night, prime seating during the Flambeau night parade, or simply want to party like there’s no tomorrow, you’ll definitely want to spend some of your winnings on living your best life during San Antonio’s wildest time of the year.

Fill in all the potholes throughout the city

Yes, yes, San Antonio drivers are the worst. But does that mean we deserve to give our cars a chingaso every time we go over a huge bump or hit a crater-sized pothole? I don’t think so. Consider it a gift to yourself as well as San Antonio drivers of every degree. If you’re feeling extra generous, why not help make the ongoing construction on I-35 a thing of the past and finally finish out the continuous construction?

Bring back the Sky Ride at Brackenridge Park

Lifelong residents still revel in the days of the iconic Sky Ride that sat at the entrance of the San Antonio Zoo. While some generations were not fortunate enough to experience the wonder, anyone who took a fun ride in the sky back in the day will have plenty to say and miss about the former staple that traveled over the park and Japanese Tea Gardens. Why not give the people of San Antonio what they want?!

Expects the lines at your corner store to be a bit long, y'all.

Expects the lines at your corner store to be a bit long, y’all.

Lisa Krantz /San Antonio Express-News

Pay your CPS bill

Electricity bills have been getting a bit alarming as of late, there’s no doubt about that. However, the great thing about being a billionaire is that you won’t have to turn up your A/C during the brutal summer months. You want to set the temperature down into the 60s when San Antonio has three-digit temperatures? Do you want to send your (probably dusty) box fan into retirement? Go on ahead, baby. Let your A/C do its thing.

Find out what’s going on with the Spurs

There’s no point in being coy about this one. It’s a tough time to be a Spurs fan. Between losing Dejounte Murray and longtime assistant coach Chip Engelland being hired by the Oklahoma City Thunder, there are big changes happening and fans aren’t sure what the team’s front office has in mind. While the team’s leaders are hush-hush and ever loyal, perhaps you can buy your way into the organization to see what Gregg Popovich and company are planning for the franchise. It can’t hurt, y’all!

Stop everyone from moving to San Antonio

The Alamo City is getting a lot of new residents, which may actually be an understatement. It’s actually ranked No. 9 among U.S. cities receiving the most transplants. Not to alarm you or anything, but a majority of those folks are coming from Austin and Los Angeles. Now I really value having hole-in-the-wall taquerias on every corner and would do just about anything to keep 2-1-0 authentic as heck. How about you?

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