A mother’s death leaves South Texas family grieving on Thanksgiving

Deputies said Cruz had one stab wound and was airlifted to a San Antonio hospital, where she died.

SAN ANTONIO — A mother’s murder has left a family grieving on Thanksgiving. 

The death of Sawyer Danielle Cruz happened almost one week ago in Asherton, which is near Carrizo Springs.

Dimmit County Sheriff Deputies said the mother of three was stabbed and killed by Aleeanna Olvera. The family said she is Cruz’s partner.

Cruz’s mom, Julie Abrego, spoke to KENS 5 on Thanksgiving. She said it didn’t feel like a holiday because of her daughter’s death.

“I don’t know how I am going to go on every day in the morning waiting for her to text me,” Good morning, mommy,” Abrego said.

Deputies said Cruz had one stab wound and was airlifted to a San Antonio hospital, where she died. Abrego recalls when she got the call her daughter didn’t make it.

“I found out when I was driving,” she said. And I am like what do you mean? I am coming. I am going to be there. I am going to be there.”

Abrego is stunned about the loss and said this is a case of domestic violence. She alleges Olvera abused her daughter.

“I never thought that she would even consider going to get a knife in the kitchen,” she said. “It was a kitchen knife and go after her.”

During their two-year relationship, Abrego said she encouraged Cruz to get help. Now, the hurting mother said she is using her daughter’s story to reach someone who may be struggling.

“If it saves one young girl like Sawyer that may be 28-years-old with three kids at home, watching,” she said. “If it just saves her and she gets up and walks out and calls her mom and says I am leaving, that is why I have to. Sawyer’s life meant something.”

Saywer’s birthday was on Monday, November 21. She would have turned 29. She will be laid to rest in the coming days. As for a motive, deputies are still trying to figure that out. Dimmit County and the Texas Rangers are handling the investigation. Abrego plans to meet with investigators soon about her daughter’s case.

An investigator told KENS 5 that Olvera is facing a murder charge.

Cruz leaves behind three children, ages 4, 3 and 2.

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