ABC News crew rescues dog trapped under home in tornado-stricken Texas city, report says

LAGUNA HEIGHTS, Texas – A dog became trapped underneath a home after a tornado recently swept through a South Texas neighborhood.

Fortunately, a nearby ABC News crew was able to come to its rescue.

An ABC News crew found the dog after a tornado hit the ground of Laguna Heights at 4 a.m., Saturday, with wind speeds of 86 to 105 miles per hour.

The tornado led to the death of one person and sent at least 10 others to the hospital, according to The Associated Press.

As the ABC News crew set up equipment to cover the natural disaster around dawn Sunday, two security members heard dog cries from underneath a home.

Although the team called for animal control, they could not wait, and ABC News sound technician Jim Gower used a shovel to begin digging.

After a few minutes, Gower made a hole with enough room for the dog to stick its head through, ABC News reports.

The scared dog was hesitant to come all the way out, so crews used a road trip classic, a Slim Jim meat stick, to persuade the dog to come out.

The dog enjoyed the treat and came out from under the home.

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