Air Force software unit moves into San Antonio Light building – KSAT San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – A U.S. Air Force software development unit is the newest tenant at the historic San Antonio Light building.

The 90th Cyberspace Operations Squadron is charged to be the best in the world at delivering solutions for cyberspace operations.

“This team here is ultimately building the software that our operators need to ensure that we remain safe, and that if we need to defend forward, that we’re prepared to do that,” said squadron commander, Lt. Colonel Casey “Waldo” Miller.

This is the second time that Miller, who goes by “Waldo,” is stationed in San Antonio.

“I was very, very grateful that the Air Force was willing to bring us back to San Antonio, and then beyond grateful that they made me the commander of the 90th, because it’s just an unbelievable mission with unbelievably incredible and talented people,” Miller said.

Miller said he has an exciting team of more than 220 people chose to locate in the San Antonio Light building because of the proximity to the growing downtown San Antonio talent and flourishing local college cybersecurity programs.

“Our entire mission is ultimately predicated on our ability to recruit and retain the best talent in the world as it comes to when it comes to software development,” Miller said.

There are life-saving military missions going on here each and every day.

“The importance of this mission, or this unit in particular, and the mission cannot be understated. So, the at the end of the day, we read in the news every week about new cyber attacks against our country, about our critical infrastructure, about companies here in the United States,” Miller said.

Waldo said the growth within the Department of Defense as it relates to software development continues and interactions with universities is vital.

“We do have jobs that will be opening up in about a month or two. And we are looking for, again, the best in the world to be to be applying,” Miller said.

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