‘American Idol’ searches for Texas talent through live virtual auditions

Texans will have the chance to try out for “American Idol” through a live virtual audition.

Virtual zoom auditions for “American Idol” in Texas will be held Wednesday, Aug. 10.

Hopeful stars can sign up online for the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of producers and receive feedback for a chance to be a part of the renowned show.

“American Idol” alumnus Fritz Hager will join Texans in the virtual waiting room for Q&A and audition tips.

The Zoom audition setup is part of the show’s “Idol Across America” movement, in which producers from the show virtually search each state across America to find the most gifted singers.

After the show’s 18th season, the third for ABC, shifted to a remote style when the pandemic hit, the show has continued using the virtual setup to search for talent.

People must be legal residents of the United States in order to be eligible for the competition.

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