Annual Cowboy Breakfast in jeopardy due to financial shortfalls

Due to financial issues, the Cowboy Breakfast may not be happening. Now, the organization is asking for San Antonio’s help.

SAN ANTONIO — After 44 years, the Annual Cowboy Breakfast may not be happening due to financial constraints, according to the Cowboy Breakfast Foundation. 

The breakfast, which is scheduled on January 27, is in jeopardy of being canceled. The foundation said they have not been able to meet their fundraising goal. 

The foundation is asking for donations and sponsors. If you know an organization that would be interested in sponsoring the breakfast, you can reach out to Board President Brad Dietrich at (210) 416-4787, or the vice chair at (210) 316-0588. 

They have also set up a GoFundMe, which can be accessed here

The breakfast became part of San Antonio Rodeo tradition by kicking off the season with a free early morning breakfast. The net proceeds have been donated to the St. Phillips College and over $250,000 have been donated to the scholarship fund in the last 20 years, the foundation said. 

If the donation goal is not met, the proceeds will be donated to St. Phillips College, the foundation said. 

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