‘Best tacos in Austin are in San Antonio’: Expletive-filled TikTok torches Austin’s Torchy’s Tacos – San Antonio Express-News

In one episode from the 1990s show “Tales from the Crypt,” actor Joe Pesci, portraying Vic Stanton, a con artist with a gambling problem, wanders up to a house and audibly wonders “what the (expletive) is this piece of (expletive).”

That scene was used to describe Austin’s popular taco chain, Torchy’s Tacos, in an expletive-filled TikTok, posted by @inthemixtx, whose name is Derek. The video has collected more than 59,000 likes and 2,400 comments since being posted over the weekend. 

@inthemixtx You can’t tell me anything regarding #tacos if you’re not from #sanantonio #austin #dallas #corpus #corpuschristitexas #satx #sanantoniotx #sanantoniocheck #sanantoniotexas #austincheck #taco #rgv #mcallen ♬ Casas De Madera – Ramon Ayala

“You can’t tell me anything regarding tacos if you’re not from San Antonio,” Derek wrote in the video’s caption. 

The video, likely meant to stir up controversy, conveniently left out that there are five Torchy’s Tacos locations in the Alamo City, with a sixth coming soon. 

In response, some said that while Torchy’s tacos may not be the most authentic in Texas, that doesn’t mean they’re bad. 

“It’s not authentic but Torchy’s slaps,” one TikTok user, Bauer, commented. 

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Others said that Torchy’s, at around $5 or more for most tacos, is overpriced.

“Lmao three tacos $28.99,” user spintheblokk wrote. 

Others wrote that anyone who takes you to Torchy’s is not a relationship worth investing in. 

“If your friend takes you to Torchy’s they aren’t your friend,” TikTok user Freddsters wrote.

Some pointed out that the best tacos are not in Austin but in its taco rival, San Antonio.

“Best tacos in Austin can be found if you drive south a little and go to San Antonio,” TikTok user Leroy Chavarria commented. 


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