Beto O’Rourke ad features teacher recalling terrifying lockdown after Uvalde

The latest Beto O’Rourke ad featured a Texas teacher who recalled his experience of a school lockdown that occurred three days after the Uvalde shooting. The Democrat candidate for the gubernatorial race released the video on YouTube on Tuesday, August 2.

Houston-area special education teacher Nick Morgan revealed in the ad how his school was placed on lockdown on the last day of school for the year. Morgan said they realized it wasn’t a drill about 10 to 15 minutes into the lockdown. 

“That was probably the beginning of one of the more traumatic parts of my entire life,” Morgan said in the ad. “Once we got word there was a person with a weapon outside of our campus, I had a group of ninth-grade boys barricade our door. We turned off all the lights and crawled into a corner.”

Morgan said the students began to cry while on lockdown. He said many of them asked to call their parents, but he explained to them that they couldn’t call their parents due to a child in the Uvalde classroom being killed when the shooter heard a noise. Morgan continued, explaining how they were quiet for several hours. 

According to the ad, Morgan sent texts to his parents, pregnant wife and his friends that he loved them and about the threat outside his school. He said, “Please take care of my daughter and my son. And, I said ‘I’m so scared.'”

The educator said a young man approached him to tell him that he would protect him and jump in front of a bullet so he could meet his son and be with his daughter. 

“It was devastating because I realized that this is the world we’ve created for him and that he has to think about these things,” Morgan said. “He’s 14. He’s in the ninth grade. The reality is that there’s going to be another Uvalde.”

Morgan blamed Gov. Greg Abbott, O’Rourke’s challenger in the upcoming election, for rejecting gun control measures since the tragedy. He said, “Greg Abbott has done nothing to make any of this harder to happen. He’s only made it easier.” 

The ad has garnered more than 8,000 likes on Instagram after Morgan shared it on his social channel. 

Abbott’s campaign spokeswoman Renae Eze responded to the ad and sent the Houston Chronicle the following statement: “Gov. Abbott and First Lady Abbott join all Texans in mourning every single innocent life lost that tragic day, and we pray for the families who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. The governor continues meeting with local leaders and victims’ families privately in Uvalde to ensure they are receiving all the resources and support needed to heal and discussing what Texas can do to prevent future tragedies.”

Eze said Abbott has worked with legislative leaders to free up more than $100 million in funding to make schools safer in the wake of the tragedy, listing as focuses “mental health, firearm safety, police training, social media, and more.” He has directed multiple state agencies to offer assistance and resources to the Uvalde community, she said. 

You can watch the ad below:

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