Bill supports a connector road between Interstate 35 and SH 130 through Central Texas

The bill filed by New Braunfels-area Senator Donna Campbell would support a proposal to build a non-tolled connector road between the two highways.

TEXAS, USA — A New Braunfels state senator wants to relieve the awful traffic on Interstate 35.

A bill filed would support building a connector road between I-35 and State Highway 130, although the location isn’t clear.

Leaders in New Braunfels support the bill saying it would alleviate traffic and also help businesses.

“Everybody knows from San Antonio to Austin, it is well traveled by many vehicles every day. A lot of those vehicles are in the trucking industry,” Mayor Rusty Brockman recognizes that I-35 is one of the state’s busiest highways.

The growth in his city intersects with the rapid growth in San Antonio and Austin.

Mayor Brockman is hoping this bill can pave the way for a new connector road.

“Creating a more safe passageway between San Antonio and Austin on I-35 and then being able to help commerce is another extremely important piece to all of our partners,” Mayor Brockman said.

“The SH 130 corridor is an important place in the state, you see a lot of large announcements in the manufacturing sector, and our ability to be connecting to that is very important,” Jonathan Packer, president and CEO of the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce supports the bill.

Senator Donna Campbell’s bill, if passed would amend a development agreement to build a non-tolled connector road between the two highways.

According to the bill text, it would amend the agreement for development in segments 5 and 6 of the highway, which stretches from Seguin all the way up to Travis County.

“It’s not like taking a pencil and drawing a straight line between here and there and being able to say okay, that’s where it’s going to go. It’s going to take some work,” Mayor Brockman said.

“It’s complicated, it involves state contracts and long-term financial parameters for the state, but we support it because the community needs it and our businesses need it,” Packer adds.

According to the bill text, the development agreement would have to be amended before September 2024.

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