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Where to eat this week?

The service at Cabo Bob’s was absolute the worst I’ve experienced, not just in this series, but as far as I can remember. We arrived at the burrito joint just after 8:20 p.m., which I understand is 45 minutes before it closes. As a former food industry worker, nothing made me more upset than someone coming into the restaurant 15 minutes before we closed. I figured I was in that safe spot in that unwritten rule of showing up at a restaurant before it closes.

The serving area inside Cabo Bob's Burritos.

The serving area inside Cabo Bob’s Burritos.

Photo by Gabriel Romero

There were about six people in front of me, but I didn’t get to order until 25 minutes after arriving. The cashier had Apple AirPods in her ear, so she couldn’t hear what I was saying to her. My burrito was to-go, but I wanted to take a photo of them at the restaurant to look all cute for the story.

I asked for all the to-go stuff on the side, so I can snap a quick picture and go home. She packed our food to-go even though I asked her seconds earlier if I can just have the foil and a bag. I asked her if I could get a basket and she put my foil covered burrito in a sopping wet plastic red basket. She looked at me like I was in the wrong. I’m a pretty chill guy, but all of that just made my blood boil.

I opened the burrito when I got home and all of that horrible service disappeared when I bit into this burrito.

What I look for in a burrito

Before I begin, here are a few ways I judge a burrito. Does it taste good? Is it worthy enough to go into my burrito rotation? Is it cooked? How does it stack up? How is the service? (I understand there is a staffing shortage, so I won’t go too hard on this one for now). Is it worth the price of admission? How is the salsa for the burritos? Every question is crucial to providing my rankings.

The front of the Cabo Bob's Burritos in San Antonio.

The front of the Cabo Bob’s Burritos in San Antonio.

Photo by Gabriel Romero

Cabo Bob’s Burritos

Cabo Bob’s Burritos is located at 847 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78209. It is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9:05 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The restaurant had fried fish, chicken, pork, steak to choose from. It also has tacos, bowls, nachos, quesadillas, salads, and kid’s meals. I didn’t get to try all of the salsa, just the 66 red pepper sauce that was in my burrito. It was good, nothing to call home about. One you step inside, it feels like you are at the beach, a nice change of pace theme.

The Brisket and Queso burrito.

The Brisket and Queso burrito.

Photo by Gabriel Romero

The Brisket and Queso Burrito

This burrito is stuffed inside an Ancho Chili tortilla with brisket, brown rice, pinto beans, grilled onions, peppers, queso, lettuce, cilantro, and 66 red pepper sauce. It cost $11, which is a little high. The brisket was so juicy and not over cooked or dry. The brown rice was soft; the brown rice I’ve tried before was crunchy.

The freshly made tortilla was fantastic, it wasn’t heavy or thick at all. The beans were seasoned well and the grilled onions and peppers added a refreshing snap in each bite. There wasn’t enough queso in this burrito for it being in the burrito’s name, which hurt this burrito. I think I will have to go here again to try another burrito because the one I had was solid and they have so many options. I’ll be going there again, but I’ll order it to-go again just in case.

Rating: 5 out of 10 chiles

If you feel like your favorite burrito place should be snacked on by others, then hit me up and I will venture to wherever those burritos may take me. Email me at gabe.romero@mysa.com or on Twitter @romeroreports. 

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