Cassiano Homes community traumatized by callous killing of woman

SAN ANTONIO – Dozens of people witnessed a Cassiano Homes resident being dragged by a vehicle before she was declared dead in the middle of the street minutes later.

People who declined to show their faces said Thursday that tensions have been rising over some time between kids in the neighborhood and it’s escalated to involve their parents.

Police said the 28-year-old woman was involved in a physical fight on Wednesday with another woman during a brawl that involved about 15 to 20 people.

“All I remember hearing was screaming,” said one witness. “I saw everybody trying to surround the car to tell them to stop, stop, stop. Like, don’t move. Like, you know, there’s somebody under the car. And when I heard that, I got on the phone and I started calling the police.”

It was mentally difficult for many parents who knew the victim’s own children were there to witness the ordeal.

“We were, we try to keep her kids back and try to tell them it was going to be okay. We didn’t know what was going to happen,” said another witness.

Life in the community is hard for families and kids.

“We’re used to the shootings,” said a young mother. “But this was more traumatizing. We actually saw it. We saw her laying there. We saw them doing CPR to her. You know, we saw them trying to revive her, like it was hard. It really was hard.”

The woman has not yet been identified by the medical examiner’s office.

Police have not said if the two people detained have been charged.

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