Chick-Fil-A’s holiday menu returns on Nov. 15

SAN ANTONIO – Chick-Fil-A is welcoming back two-holiday favorites this month.

On Nov. 15, the Peppermint Chip Milkshake and Chicken Tortilla Soup return to the fast food giant’s menu, according to a news release.

The Peppermint Chip Milkshake combines the flavor of peppermint bark with creamy vanilla ice cream.

“As one of our most popular seasonal items, we’re always excited to bring back the Peppermint Chip Milkshake to our menus,” Leslie Neslage, director of menu & packaging at Chick-fil-A, said in a news release. “We know that it’s a part of our customers’ holiday traditions.”

Chicken Tortilla Soup (Chick-Fil-A)

Since 2012, the Chicken Tortilla Soup has been a holiday menu favorite, the news release said.

“Our Chicken Tortilla Soup is comforting and hearty and gives guests a taste of home with each bite,” Neslage said. “Many do not realize we use both our spicy and original chicken in the recipe, which gives the soup a subtle kick.

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