Chicken caught scrambling through traffic on East Side finds forever home, ACS says

SAN ANTONIO – Why did a chicken cross the road on the East Side? Apparently, to find his new forever home.

Animal Care Services officers were driving near MLK and the IH-10 overpass when they saw the chicken, named Senor Tráfico, cutting through traffic.

Drivers slowed down to avoid hitting the feathery fellow while ACS officers pulled over and led him to a grassy area, away from the traffic.

Officers then had to lure Tráfico out of the grass in a calm manner, to avoid him heading back onto the busy road.

It was a battle of hendurance, but ACS was eventually able to corral the chicken and take him back to the animal shelter, in hopes of finding a forever family.

Four days later, Tráfico was adopted, according to ACS. And, his new chicken coop was plenty far away from city traffic.

“Tráfico’s scrambled situation is a great reminder to make sure even winged pets need to remain safely at home,” ACS said in a statement.

For information on laws regarding domestic fowl in San Antonio, click here.

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