City Council Approves FY 2023 Budget – City of San Antonio

CONTACT: Landry Stafford
O: 210.207.7022

SAN ANTONIO (September 15, 2022) – Today, City Council voted to approve the proposed FY 2023 budget. The following statement was released in response to today’s vote: 

“This year’s budget reflects the hard work of City staff and fellow councilmembers in ensuring that most of our neighbors’ needs are being met. Many thanks to City Manager Erik Walsh and his team and to the organizations and community members who took the time to express their budget priorities. We appreciate each of you for partaking in the process. The budget document is the most important contract we make with our neighbors each fiscal year.

This year’s budget focuses on important issues for our residents: We increased the City’s homestead exemption from 0.1% to 10%, increased the City’s Over-65 exemption from $65k to $85k, increased the City’s Disabled Person Exemption from $12.5k to $85k, and we decreased our overall tax rate. This budget also prioritizes spending on public safety by adding 78 new police officers and 21 new uniformed positions in our fire department. It also includes $154M in infrastructure maintenance, an increase of $13M over last year. I fully supported returning all $75M of the CPS Energy windfall to the ratepayers, but unfortunately that proposal did not receive any additional support on Council. At the end of the day, Council approved a rebate of about $42.5 M that ratepayers can choose to opt out of to provide their portion of the funding to other programs.

All these core priorities are exactly where we should be spending our funds, and we should continue our investment in basic core services. Going forward, I’d like to see us renew our focus on a back-to-basics budget and hope the Council will see more metrics from each department to show the public how their funds are being used and what is their return on investment!” 

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