Consumer roundup: CDC warns parents of newborns about breast pump contamination

SAN ANTONIO – The Centers for Disease Control is warning parents of newborns to sterilize feeding equipment for both bottle and breast-feeding after the death of an infant was linked to a contaminated breast pump last year.

The infant, a preemie boy, was infected with the bacteria Cronobacter sakazakii, the same germ that prompted last year’s big formula recall. However, according to federal investigators, this infant’s infection was not caused by formula contamination.

Their investigation found that the home breast pump was cleaned in a household sink, sanitized and sometimes assembled while still moist.

“Caregivers of infants should follow safe hygiene, preparation, and storage practices, and learn steps to protect infants from infection,” the CDC said.

The agency reminds caregivers to thoroughly wash, sterilize and dry feeding equipment, surfaces and hands.

1.2 million Walmart candles recalled

More than a million scented, three-wick candles sold at Walmart last fall are recalled because they pose a fire and injury risk.

The candles are the Mainstay brand in Halloween and autumn themes.

The wick is too close to the glass and may break the glass, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Injuries and one fire have been reported.

Consumers can contact the manufacturer, Star Soap, Star Candle, Prayer Candle, to get a refund.

MacBook claim deadline over “butterfly” keyboards looms

MacBook owners could have up to $395 coming to them from Apple, but claims must be filed by midnight Monday.

This all stems from a $50 million class action lawsuit settlement. The lawsuit alleged that Apple knew its “butterfly” keyboard design was flawed but hid the problem.

On butterfly keyboards, the keys were attached with a wing-like hinge. Customers had complained about issues like sticky keys.

Apple has denied doing anything wrong but settled the matter.

Now, consumers who bought a MacBook between 2015 and 2019 and had to replace the keyboard or individual keys are eligible to file a claim for money. The amount a person could receive depends on how many repairs were done. The maximum compensation is $395. It is $50 for people who only had to replace individual keys.

Claims can be filed on the settlement website. The deadline is midnight on March 6.

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