Cowboys owner Jerry Jones facing trial for alleged sexual misconduct

Following a Texas appellate court ruling Monday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, 80, is headed to court after all.

According to court documents and an article in The Dallas Morning News published on February 28, 2023, the personal injury lawsuit, which claims Jones engaged in alleged misconduct, was dismissed by the court last February.

The nature of the accusations and subsequent lawsuit comes from an alleged transgression from September 2018 at AT&T Stadium inside the Tom Landry Room. According to a court statement submitted on September 14, 2020, she claims Jones “kissed her on the mouth and forcibly grabbed her without her consent.”

Jones has denied any wrongdoing and deems the allegations as “malicious and hurtful,” in a court-filed response, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The accuser also claims the Dallas Cowboys Football Club were “complicit and negligent because it knew about Mr. Jones’s history of similar history of similar offenses and failed to properly supervise him,” The Dallas Morning News said.

What’s more the plaintiff asserts in court documents that Jones sexually assaulted and humiliated her at a meet-and-greet on September 16, 2018.

“Knowing how some people in society treat women who accuse powerful men of sexual misconduct and that coming forward publicly can be dangerous,” the court documents argued on behalf of the plaintiff, described therein as J.G.

According to The Dallas Morning News article, J.G. claimed she has suffered emotional and psychological distress following the incident, as well as medical expenses.

In an argument to have the lawsuit thrown out, Jones’ attorney said there was not sufficient information to pursue a case based on lack of information from the plaintiff, including the absence of using her full identity and other personal details, court documents said.

Without the plaintiff’s cooperation in providing the information, the court dismissed the case. Before the hearing to dismiss the case, J.G. provided her full name and additional details surrounding the incident but the judge ruled she failed to comply with the request, The Dallas Morning News said.

Jones is set to return to the Dallas County district court and the case will most likely go to a trial, Thomas Daniel Bowers, J.G.’s attorney told The Dallas Morning News.

In addition to the personal injury lawsuit, Jones is in the middle of a legal dispute with a 26-year-old woman who claims the team owner is the biological father of her baby. The courts ordered Jones to take a paternity test, but Jones’ legal team filed for appeal and the paternity hearing has been delayed.  

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