CPS Energy customers frustrated with record-breaking bills during summer months

SAN ANTONIO – CPS Energy customers are frustrated with their recent energy bills, saying this is the last thing they need on top of high gas prices and inflation.

A CPS Energy spokesman said the record-breaking temperatures and rising cost of natural gas are to blame.

CPS spokeswoman Christine Patman said the entire ERCOT grid saw record-breaking demand for the month of June and that trend continues for July.

Patman added that the cost of natural gas has risen because of the low inventory, high demand in relation to overseas trouble, like Russia invading Ukraine.

Regardless of the reason, customers remain frustrated. Ben Esp said his bill was $150 more than it was this time last year.

“I think we’re all stressed, you know, with the money situation and gas prices and things like that. So, I mean, it definitely hits home,” Esp said.

He’s not alone. Priscilla Valencia said her bill was nearly $50 higher despite using energy-saving methods.

“It’s been really hard to just kind of keep up with everything. And just the fact that it’s higher now makes it really complicated to just accept, you know, like, it sucks,” Valencia said.

CPS suggests customers watch their energy use to reduce their bill.

“Try to use less. That’s the only thing that they really can do to try to impact their bills right now is to buy less of our product,” Patman said.

If you would like to track your energy consumption in real-time or get alerts when your usage goes too high, you can go to the “My Energy Portal.” It is located in the Manage My Account tab.

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