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There’s a new meteorologist in town and he wants to help you save money, San Antonio. CPS Energy has hired a full-time meteorologist who is excited to share his passion with residents of his hometown.

Brian Alonzo is ready to connect with local residents and inform them about anything and everything weather and energy related. After working in television broadcasting for almost 19 years, Alonzo says he’s ready for a new chapter in his career.

“I’ve been wanting to take things in a different direction,” he tells MySA. “A part of me has been wanting to know a little bit more about renewable energy such as solar and wind power.”

Now, the San Antonio native is ready to communicate weather information in a new way.

“I wanted to try something different here,” Alonzo says. “When this opportunity came along, I jumped on it.”

He says weather reports during TV news broadcasts are usually only a few minutes, and that having this platform with CPS will allow him to share more information and give more context to weather impacting the city than a regular TV forecast would.

As he gets settled into his new role, Alonzo says he’s brainstorming on how to best share information both with CPS employees and customers. He’s looking forward to trying new methods for the company, such as a podcast and weather forecasts to keep local residents in the loop.

“Weather is complicated, we all know that. There’s a lot of science behind it,” he says. “If there’s ever a weather event or something of that nature that gets a little complicated, I can be in a position to go a little bit more in-depth, using our social media to explain to people the process of what’s going on.”



Courtesy of CPS Energy

In addition to letting CPS customers know about weather-related events that may impact their energy sources, he also wants to help them save money along the way.

“My intention at this point is to learn about solar and wind power, the renewable energies, and I want to be able to help relay that to our customers so that they get a better understanding,” he says.

For Alonzo, taking on this role with CPS not only benefits him, but his friends and family as well.

“I’m a firm believer that CPS Energy could have gone out and hired any meteorologist across the country, but they chose me,” he says. “Of course I’ve got the experience in communicating to viewers, but at the same time it’s good to be back home.”

It only helps that Alonzo is more familiar with South Texas’ weather patterns and the topography near the Alamo City. He says the trends and landscape in and around San Antonio have a major influence on the weather.

“You’ve got the Hill Country, you’ve got the Gulf of Mexico, the mountains of Mexico, they all play a role, at some point or another, into our weather,” he says.

In transitioning into this role, Alonzo asks that local residents get to know him. After previously filling a position that had been held by a well-beloved meteorologist for quite some time, he noticed that viewers were hesitant to give him a shot. By the time he left the station just two years later, they loved him.

“They loved my weather casts and the reason why is because I always threw in [something] a little extra,” he says. “You not only got a forecast, but at the same time I threw in a little bit more. Some facts, some statistics, or some explainers. They learned a lot.”

Weather-loving residents can connect with Alonzo on his Facebook page.

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