Do rattlesnakes lurk in bluebonnets? San Antonio expert weighs in.

Every year, there’s a post or two about the snakes in the fields. However, snake expert Sarah Kafel from San Antonio Snake Removal told MySA it doesn’t happen quite as much as people think. She said it shouldn’t be a reason people shy away from taking their spring photoshoots.

Yes, rattlesnakes love bluebonnet fields but they love them as much as they love grass fields, Kafel said. If you see a rattlesnake in the fields, it’s likely because they were trying to find sufficient shelter to hide from predators like hawks. Kafel added rattlesnakes would also enter the fields if they smelled mice and birds in them.

“Mice and birds both frequent any field that offers seeds, which bluebonnets have,” she said. “However, the chances of actually finding a rattlesnake in a bluebonnets field are typically low. They’d rather be in a more high vegetation area with more rodents.”

While it is a rare occurrence, Kafel said people who are outdoors should always pay close attention to their surroundings and be careful, especially outside their front door. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Most rattlesnakes will appear around your front door. Make sure to seal all gaps in your homes to keep them from entering. 
  • Be cautiously aware of where you step while in the fields.
  • If bitten by a snake, TPWD encourages others to head to the nearest hospital for treatment.

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