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By Melissa Cantu Trevino mtrevino@cherryroad.com

Most people look forward to the retirement phase of their life, but not one Alice native. Joe Lozano has always been part of Alice organizations and businesses working to better the lives around him.

Lozano, 81, is well-known for the phrase “Este Lunes” in the Tejano Music world. He is from South Texas and knows not only how to entertain, but also how to help people succeed in life. For years, Lozano has provided assistance in finding employment opportunities to the people served by Coastal Plains Community Center.

He started his career with Coastal Plains Community Center in December of 1990 and officially retired Friday, July 29.

“When I started with the company I was tasked with finding out if people with mental health issues could hold a job. Then, I got tasked with the responsibility of working with veterans,” Lozano said. “As a veteran myself and a State Chaplin for the American Legion, I was able to adapt to this role easily. I enjoyed helping people better themselves and made it my mission.

Lozano is a man of strength and integrity who served in the United States Army. Lozano’s mission statement has always been “to support individuals with disabilities in their effort to work and become an active member of the community.”

His goals have always been to assist and support individuals to make decisions about their employment and their mental health. He says everyone can work because everyone deals with mental health.

He was born and raised in Alice and graduated from Alice High School in 1960. After graduation he attended Durham’s Business College and St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. During this time, Lozano decided to become involved in the music business. He had a passion for music and always wanted to promote bands.

Joe Lozano began his Tejano music career in 1962 by promoting dance with the Azteca Boys Club at the KC Hall and Sunday “Tardeadas” at the Alice VFW. Lozano started a business under Liberty Record Shop in 1963. Also in 1963, he promoted his first big Tejano dance with Sunny Ozuna and the Sunglows from San Antonio. Lozano also began a career in radio as a DJ with KOPY 1070 am and Que Vamos a Comer El Dia De Hoy. In 1975, Lozano started the “Este Lunes” Monday night dances at the VFW Hall. Lozano also served and is still serving as one of the Board of Directors of the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame Museum. Lozano’s countless contributions in the development of introduction of Tejano music through his efforts Alice was recognized as the birth place of Tejano music.

In 1968, Lozano served his country during the Vietnam War with The 4th Army and Texas National Guard with a Sergeant rank.

In 1975, Lozano started the “Este Lunes” Monday Night Dances at the VFW Hall in Alice. The dances consisted of two big bands in the music industry. Bands such as La Mafia, Roberto Pulido, Joe Bravo, Los Dinos (Abraham y Seferino), and more.

In 1977, Lozano was awarded the Promoter of the Year award at the Mike Chavez Music Awards. From 1984 through 1987, Lozano worked for Radio KBIC with a four hour show.

Lozano praises his greatest accomplishments in life are because of his family. He thanks his wife, Esmeralda “Lala,” his two boys and three grandchildren four keeping him young and attributing to his success.

“You can’t do it without the support of your family,” Lozano said. “I’m nothing without my wife’s support.”

He is a member of the Alice Evening Lions Club, Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame Museum, Texas American Legion, the United Burial Association, and the Hispanic Heritage.

While he is fixing to retire from his career, he is not retiring from the community. He wants to continue to volunteer his time to the community that as kept him active and young.

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