Excessive rainfall will cause flooding hazards this Mother’s Day weekend

Due to excessive rainfall up to five inches of rain is possible in the Alamo City on Saturday.

SAN ANTONIO — Get ready San Antonians for some pounding rain this weekend that will provide relief to the drought stricken area of Bexar County and other surrounding cities. Unfortunately this continuous widespread rain will result in flooding risk for San Antonio. 

Rain and thunderstorms are possible everyday this week with flooding potential likely for Mother’s Day weekend. In fact, San Antonio is one area included that could receive the most rainfall in Texas. This is the time to start planning for low water crossings and possible road closures. Remember, never drive through flooded roadways.

The heavy rainfall is due to an upper level low in combination with other factors that will move close to San Antonio in combination with excessive gulf moisture. This convergence will take place right over the Alamo City and hang in place for days bringing up to four or more inches of rainfall to the area. 

Here’s what to expect over the next five days:

Thursday (High 88 and Low 71): A stray shower is possible but San Antonians are only looking at low chances of rain activity for Thursday. This will be the last day to enjoy the outdoors as heavy rain could begin Friday evening. Temperatures will be warm in the mid 80s. 

Friday (High 87 and Low 73): There will be a plenty of factors in place to support the development of heavy rainfall Friday evening. San Antonians could be in the clear of rain until about 4 p.m. but as the evening begins rain will develop and continue overnight. 

Saturday (High 78 and Low 69): This will be a wet and dreary day. Stay off the roadways if flooding occurs. The atmosphere has plenty to work with as a frontal boundary, upper level low and high moisture levels will be in place to create a possible flooding situation for San Antonio and surrounding areas. 

Due to excessive rainfall up to five inches of rain is possible in the Alamo City. Once the ground becomes saturated any extra rain will turn into runoff leading to flooding risks. Look out especially for low water crossings. 

As some storms develop they could be strong with lightning. Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors. 

San Antonio could be in the central spot to receive the most rainfall on Saturday but other cities such as Pleasanton and New Braunfels could still receive over four inches of rainfall. 

This is the day to stay weather aware by staying informed on our website and the KENS 5 app where you will receive weather alerts. 

Mother’s Day (High 79 and Low 67): The rainfall will continue for Mother’s Day, therefore, have a backup plan in case of road closures as flooding could still be an issue. Rain and storms will continue through Sunday evening. 

Over the next seven days parts of some weather models are predicting five to seven inches of rainfall could be in store for Bexar County over the next seven days. 

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