Filmmakers from across the world travel to San Antonio to show their work at 28th annual film festival

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Film Festival returns with more than 200 films at the Radius Center downtown.

At the festival you can catch documentaries, feature films and works by San Antonians.

“We are celebrating 28 years of cinema in San Antonio. It’s kind of like Sundance in San Antonio,” Adam Rocha, executive director and founder of San Antonio Film Festival said.

Jose Raul Corres is excited to share his film in his hometown.

“It’s a dream because when you are accepted by your peers it’s way better than being accepted by anybody else,” Corres said.

After each film screening, audience members will get an opportunity to hear from the filmmakers who are from Texas and from across the world.

Sam Punto traveled from Germany to show his film this weekend titled “The Holding Room”.

“I have family from the area, so coming here is really great. It feels very personally welcoming. So yes, I’m excited to be here,” Punto said.

From mystery to comedy, there’s something for everyone.

“There are more humanistic stories. They are more touching. There are more love stories. Passionate filmmakers. Passionate actors,” Rocha said.

The festival takes place all week until Sunday. You can go to its website by clicking here.

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