Fireworks sales expectations up in San Antonio, along with fire concerns

SAN ANTONIO – There’s a lot of optimism from the President of the National Fireworks Association Steve Hauser about expected sales of fireworks ahead of the July 4 holiday. He said some sellers are already reporting good early sales.

“As wild as the last few years have been with sales… I can’t believe how much we’ve got going on right now and how much people are buying and placing orders and reserving things and setting stuff aside,” he said.

But professional fireworks companies who put on shows for communities and special events might have a difficult time getting their supplies, he explains.

“They have had a real tough time getting their products in,” Hauser said.

The cost of shipping supplies has increased, inflation is up, and so are fuel prices. All that will play a role for some companies, explains Brian Anders.

“Customers are going to expect to see anywhere from 15 to 30% increases on some fireworks,” Anders said. “We’ve seen almost 300 to 350% increase on freight just for us to get those items [to U.S. warehouses].”

But the drought has fire officials worried about the potential for high fire danger. Fireworks use is not allowed within city limits. Bexar County has a burn ban, but it does not impact the use of fireworks.

Bexar County is in the process of banning high-risk fireworks like missiles and skyrockets with sticks, while Comal County has already banned them.

Fireworks sellers said high-risk fireworks will not be sold in counties with specific bans.

The county and sellers will work together to push education on properly-used fireworks disposal.

SAFETY TIP: After you enjoy a firework, soak it in water for 15 minutes, drain the excess water, wrap the wet fireworks in a plastic bag and then place the trash in a trash bin.

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