‘Freak’ snow storm over Texas panhandle to affect Thanksgiving travel

A winter storm is currently making its way southeast to the Texas panhandle, bringing a high chance for snow to Lubbock and Amarillo that could affect travelers heading up north this Thanksgiving. The National Weather Service says that the Amarillo and Lubbock area will face a 40% to 70% chance of seeing 2 to 4 inches of snow starting on Thanksgiving and lasting through the weekend. 

While it is not on the level of the February 2021 winter storm, NWS says that the area will see “heavy wet snow” that will have a “moderate impact” on daily life in the area. That means people can expect hazardous driving conditions and possible closing or disruptions to major infrastructure like highways.”

Neither the Amarillo or Lubbock airports have said passengers can expect delays. MySA has reached out for comment.

Other weather forecasts say that Amarillo could see as much as 24 inches of snow and 12 to 18 inches in the surrounding areas, reports Newsweek. AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Joe Lundberg told the news site that this much anticipated snowfall is unusual but falls within the November to March range for winter storms.

Amarillo is currently under a winter storm watch and says travelers can expect roads, bridges, and overpasses to “likely become slick and hazardous” and that whiteout conditions could make any road travel on Thursday, November 24, and Friday morning, November 25, “treacherous and potentially life-threatening.”

“It’s one freak storm and it happens, they don’t get 1 or 2 inches here or there,” Lundberg told Newsweek.

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