From hologram livestreams to robot butlers: Go inside the Creative Industries Expo at SXSW

AUSTIN, Texas – The Creative Industries Expo is one of the highlight events throughout the week at SXSW. Nearly 25,000 people visited the expo last year that features displays and installations from more than two dozen countries.

This year’s Creative Expo at the Austin Convention Center is the convergence of industries on the cutting-edge of technology, design, health and wellness and much more.

The expo’s goal is to take attendees into the 22nd century and beyond. Hundreds of exhibitors from around the world meet at the convention center to collaborate and share their discoveries.

The expo is separated into five areas. The Innovation pavilion focuses on diverse trends in technology. One exhibit featured digital advertising and hologram live streaming.

The Global pavilion examines worldwide initiatives and trends, and where international businesses are headed in the near future.

The Social Impact pavilion concentrates on businesses impacting economic and environmental changes while the Entertainment pavilion showcases exhibitors and developers from industries like film, music and gaming.

The Health & Wellness Pavilion features companies looking to improve a person’s quality of life through various products, services and ideas. The expo runs through Wednesday.

KSAT is also livestreaming on our YouTube page several installations and displays at SXSW. Check out some of the sights and sounds below:

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