Gov. Abbott stayed at a fundraiser after learning about Uvalde shooting

Gov. Greg Abbott has resisted calls for a special session on safety laws, even when those calls have come from Uvalde officials.

Gov. Greg Abbott has resisted calls for a special session on safety laws, even when those calls have come from Uvalde officials.

Kin Man Hui, San Antonio Express-News / Staff photographer

Reports are saying that Gov. Greg Abbott chose to spend hours at a fundraiser on the day 19 kids and two teachers were massacred in Uvalde on May 24. Records say that Abbott spent three hours at a campaign fundraiser at a private home in Huntsville on the day of the shooting, choosing not to cancel in light of the massacre at Robb Elementary, the Dallas Morning News reported

Uvalde and its school district is still embattled as parents push for answers and action from the school board. Meanwhile, the principal of Robb Elementary School has been reinstated Friday, July 29, after she disputed claims made in the Texas House investigative committee.

Here’s the most recent updates out of Uvalde. 

Abbott skipped shooting for a fundraiser

  • The Dallas Morning News report says Abbott chose to go the campaign fundraiser despite news of the Uvalde massacre. 
  • Records say Abbott spent three hours at the fundraiser despite him previously implying that he quickly departed the event.
  • The Texas governor said on May 25 that he went to the fundraiser to “let people know that I could not stay, that I needed to go” to Austin. 
  • Flight records say Abbott arrived in Huntsville at 4:52 p.m. on May 24 and didn’t depart the city until 7:47 p.m.
  • His campaign spokeswoman Renae Eze told the DMN that the Hunstville stop was “on the way” to a press conference about wildfires in Abilene. 
  • Abbott showed up to Uvalde on May 25. He raised $50,000 at the Huntsville event. 

Uvalde principal reinstated

  • Uvalde CISD suspended Robb Elementary School principal Mandy Gutierrez with pay on Monday, July 25. 
  • Her suspension came after a Texas House committee report said the school developed a “culture of complacency.”
  • The report also said claims of broken locks were not addressed, allowing the gunman to enter the school and classrooms.
  • Gutierrez sent a letter to committee members disputing those claims. 
  • She also said the classroom lock was checked and worked the night before. 
  • Superintendent Hal Harrell said in a letter that Gutierrez could return to work “and will continue to serve the district in an administrative capacity.”

Arredondo’s termination delayed

  • The Uvalde school board was set to discuss school Police Chief Pete Arredondo’s termination last Saturday, July 23, but it was promptly put on hold. 
  • Superintendent Harrell said the discussion was delayed at the request of Arredondo’s attorney.
  • Arredondo was placed on unpaid leave on Friday. He was previously placed on paid leave. 
  • Arredondo has been identified in multiple reports and testimonies as the incident commander on the scene of the mass shooting. 
  • The school police chief told the Texas Tribune that he wasn’t aware that he was incident commander. 

Uvalde school board approves gun control resolution

  • After hours of criticism from families of the victims and other parents, the school board approved a mostly symbolic resolution Monday. 
  • The resolution asked Abbott to raise the age limit to purchase assault rifles.
  • The gunman was able to legally purchase an assault rifle after he turned 18.
  • A statement from Abbott’s spokesperson said “all options remain on the table” and that the governor is working to address all aspects of the shooting.

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