Heat, drought may be causing your home’s foundation to shift. Here’s what you need to know.

SAN ANTONIO – Foundation companies are getting more calls for inspections as homeowners battle with shifting foundations caused by the heat and drought.

Foundation Support Specialists in San Antonio said it has seen 1,000 more calls for inspections than it did last year.

Paul White, with Foundation Support Specialists, said the drought is a big factor.

“The longer we go without rain, the bigger those gaps will become, the more houses will tend to settle,” he said.

White said homeowners can spot signs of trouble with their foundation through cracks on their walls, near the windows or the doorways.

“Your house is sitting on something that is possibly moving. And so if you just pay attention to your house, pay attention to the outside, to the walls, and it’s going to speak to you and tell you exactly what’s going on,” White said.

If ignored, the problem could become more costly and cause other issues, like pipe or sewage line breaks under the foundation.

White said homeowners should get bids from different companies and look for those who offer third-party inspections.


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