Here’s how to keep off those holiday pounds

For many it is a struggle, but fitness experts say it is doable.

SAN ANTONIO — Thanksgiving is one holiday where we love to eat and this year, it’s set to be super challenging since so many people are still struggling to drop their pandemic weight.

Luckily, fitness experts can put together a weight-busting formula to show you how it is possible to gobble down your turkey day favorites without packing on pounds.     

Our fitness expert from The Camp Transformation Center here in San Antonio is available to walk you through the fat-fighting turkey day formula in person at one of their gyms or virtually via Zoom or FaceTime. They can even get some of their gym members to demo the exercises as a group.

Here’s how to work off your Thanksgiving favorites. Click on each exercise to see a video showing how to do it:  

  • If you want to eat 2 slices of turkey with a spoonful of gravy, you’ll need to do 60 Walking Lunges to keep your pants buttoned after the feast.   
  • If you want a ½ cup of mashed potatoes, you’ll need to do 25 Burpees to avoid wearing leggings the rest of 2021.  
  • If you love mac and cheese, you’ll need to do 30 Slam Balls to burn off 1 cup of the cheesy goodness.   
  • You can enjoy 2 slices of pecan pie, but after you’ll have to complete 50 Full Jacks to avoid a food coma.
  • For 1 cup of stuffing you need to do 30 Butterfly Sit-ups to avoid bloating.  

If you have downtime in the kitchen while preparing your Thanksgiving meal or waiting for food to be ready here’s another tip: perform High Knees and Squats to keep your metabolism active before you start feasting on your favorites.   

*This is a link  to a graphic showing each Fat Fighting Formula. 

One more tidbit from the experts — signing up for a Turkey Trot is worth your time. Camp Transformation Center’s fitness trainers advise doing a cardio-related activity in the morning and enjoying your Thanksgiving meal in the evening.    

Hit the streets, quiz local residents, and see if they can guess just how much exercise is needed to work off two slices of turkey, a half cup of mashed potatoes, and one cup of mac and cheese.

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