‘He’s a whole jerk.’ Shelter looking for forever home for cheeky French bulldog named Ralphie.

NIAGARA, N.Y. – Meet Ralphie, a smiley French bulldog who is looking for a forever home. The catch? The animal shelter where he currently resides says “he’s a whole jerk- not even half.”

Niagara SPCA officials wrote an adoption post last week for the 26-pound pup that has since gone viral.

“At first glance, he’s an adorable highly sought after, young dog. People should be banging down our doors for him. We promise you, that won’t be the case. Ralphie is a terror in a somewhat small package,” shelter officials quipped.

They mused that Ralphie’s “cute face got him whatever he wanted” with his first owners “but their relationship was built on the premise that Ralphie was the boss so things ended abruptly” and he was rehomed.

His second owners surrendered him because he annoyed their other dog but shelter employees think what they actually meant was “Ralphie is a fire-breathing demon and will eat our dog,” the post states.

Shelter officials said anyone interested in Ralphie should call them at 716-731-4368 ext. 301.

If Ralphie isn’t quite your cup of tea but you’re still thinking of adopting an animal, San Antonio shelters have hundreds of cats and dogs available at any given time.

The Animal Defense League, San Antonio Pets Alive!, San Antonio Humane Society and the City Of San Antonio Animal Care Services all have animals available for adoption.

“Generally there are anywhere from 250-350 animals in the shelter at any given time,” ACS spokesperson Lisa Norwood told KSAT Tuesday. “That number fluctuates hourly.”

“Now starts the busiest time of year for shelters in the South, including San Antonio,” Norwood said. “The reason is San Antonio has relatively mild winters overall and the weather impacts breeding cycles for animals, including unsterilized pets. Pets that are kept outside or who are allowed to roam contribute greatly to the animal overpopulation issue we have in San Antonio.”

Norwood said anyone wanting to help can do so in several ways.

Choosing adoption over the purchase of a new pet is one way to help.

“Just as importantly, people who don’t want another companion animal can help by temporarily taking in a pet in need. Fostering helps free up space in shelters, gives pets a leg up on getting adopted by helping them learn what it’s like to be a pet and SAACS provides all supplies, food, vet care etc. FREE,” Norwood said via email.

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