‘I panicked’: Jury hears audio of man’s interview with CPS following serious injury of 4-month-old son

SAN ANTONIO – A jury heard an audio recording of a conversation between investigators and a man accused of severely injuring a baby, during day two of that man’s trial on Tuesday.

In 2018, Terrence Harper was arrested and charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, after it was alleged he severely injured his 4-month-old son. Those injuries permanently left his son disabled.

The audio recording played on Tuesday was a conversation between Harper and Child Protective Services investigators when Harper went to CPS to try to explain what happened to his son.

During that conversation, Harper said that his son was being fussy and flailed back and hit his head on a countertop.

“I knew something was wrong and I started giving him CPR,” an emotional Harper said in the recording.

Harper said the baby stopped breathing but eventually appeared normal again.

During the recorded meeting, CPS investigators questioned why Harper didn’t call 911.

“I panicked,” Harper said. “The last time I called 911 someone lost their life.”

Harper was referring to an incident in 2012 when another child died in his care. He is now facing a separate capital murder charge in that case.

As the conversation continued, Harper couldn’t explain evidence of other injuries on his son and said that a scratch on the baby’s neck may have been caused by the family dog.

Testimony in this trial is expected to continue on Wednesday in the 186th district court.

If found guilty, Harper is facing up to life in prison.


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