Ikea launches new virtual design tool that deletes your furniture, replaces it with new furnishings

A new virtual design application can delete customers’ furniture and replace it with items from Ikea stores.

The new-age interior styling approach lets users see if an item’s overall design and color makeup match individualized home styles.

Using Ikea’s app, users can scan a room, erase existing furniture, and replace that furniture with enticing items in Ikea stores.

Seeing virtual furnishings in personal homes will likely encourage customers to purchase items in large quantities and entice users to shop from home.

Ikea’s previously released iOS app has had the capability of allowing users to try out furniture in virtual reality, but it couldn’t replace existing pieces with virtual ones.

This updated application can erase current furnishing through the new tool and does a more substantial job of showcasing how virtual furniture will look in the context of your home.

The new design tool offers users an updated way of styling and personalizing home spaces at a time when many are working from home or with hybrid-style work schedules.

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