Joanna Luna is among 74 San Antonio children who went missing this year – San Antonio Express-News

So far this year, 74 San Antonio children have been added to two nationwide databases for missing people. 

Among them was Jemma Tatum, a 4-year-old who was last seen in September in a long-sleeve shirt with purple hearts. 

It’s been a week since the Texas Department of Public Safety issued an Amber Alert for 13-year-old Joanna Luna. The Express-News reviewed the Unidentified Persons System run by the National Institute of Justice’s list of missing children under 17.

There are 57 missing children in the agency’s database. 

The newspaper also reviewed the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s database, which includes cases that date back to 1988. 

There are 18 missing children cases in NCMEC’s database. 

In Texas, 33,774 children were reported missing in 2021, according to the Texas Center for the Missing. Most are considered runaways. 

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The Express-News searched both databases for all missing children in San Antonio. However, it offers a glimpse of the children who have vanished here. 

Most of San Antonio’s missing children are 17 years old, and most are girls, data from the National Institute of Justice shows. Excluding children who identify as biracial, most are also Hispanic or Latino. 

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The entries in both databases are vague and don’t paint a full picture of who these children were or the circumstances surrounding how they vanished. 

The Express-News compiled a searchable database of children on the National Institute of Justice’s list. 

Below are just a handful of the 18 missing children on NCMEC’s database. 

On Nov. 5, 15-year-old Paige Alvarado was last seen in the company of a juvenile boy. Paige has black hair and brown eyes and is 5-foot-1. 

Yazmin Guillen, 16, was last seen on Oct. 30. It’s unclear where she went missing and what she was wearing at the time. Yazmin has brown eyes, brown hair and is 5-foot-6. 

Matthew Montanez is 16-years-old and vanished on Jan. 17, 2022. He has brown eyes, brown hair and is 5-foot-8. 

Ganelle Medina, 16, was last seen on June 2. She has brown hair, brown eyes and is 5-foot-7. 

Jacob Krone, 17, has been missing since Aug. 24. He has brown hair, brown eyes and is 5-foot-7. 

Ivory Martinez, 17, has been missing since Sept. 4. She has brown hair, brown eyes and is 5-foot-4. 

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