KSAT Community Town Hall: Heart Health Month

SAN ANTONIO – Your heart is roughly the size of your fist, and it is responsible for circulating blood and carrying nutrients throughout the human body.

It is the hardest working muscle and most important organ, but it is also very vulnerable; one missed beat could lead to very serious circumstances.

Your heart works eagerly to support you, so how passionate are you about supporting your heart?

Hear community experts and healthcare professionals weigh in on heart health during our KSAT Community town hall, Thursday, February 16 at 2 p.m. on KSAT.COM.

What’s on your mind?

Sometimes my heart feels like it skipped a beat, when should I see a doctor? I’ve suffered a heart attack how do I know if I am doing enough to prevent another one?

No one in my family has a history of heart problems, so why did I have a stroke? Someone in my family has recently been diagnosed with a heart defect, what are some important things we can do to manage the condition?

What are the best foods to eat to keep my heart healthy?

What heart questions do you have?

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