‘Lucky to be alive’: Corgi survives being shot in the head

PENNSYLVANIA – A Pennsylvania corgi continues to recover in an animal hospital after being shot in the head and left for dead.

The corgi, named Arthur, wandered onto a family farm with a head wound that the property owners initially thought he’d gotten from crawling under their fence, the Pennsylvania SPCA said.

The animal shelter took in the pup, and that’s when veterinarians noticed that the wound was large and covered in debris, the PSPCA said.

As Arthur was in too much pain for an immediate exam, doctors sedated him to clean the wound.

Underneath the dirt and the infection was something that looked an awful lot like a gunshot wound based on size, shape, and location. X-rays quickly confirmed the vet’s grisly suspicions, the PSPCA said.

X-Rays of Arthur, a Corgi who was shot in the head. (Pennsylvania SPCA)

Luckily, the corgi had been shot at an angle that miraculously missed his brain. However, the bullet left a hole in Arthur’s head and caused damage to his airway passages and mouth.

Arthur also suffered from fleas, an ear infection, and was diagnosed as anemic.

The shelter is hopeful that Arthur will make a full recovery, but there are bullet fragments remaining. He may need special care to remove them.

In the meantime, Arthur is spending his days being spoiled by caring staff, even being feed chicken nuggets.

Pennsylvania SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team is investigating this heinous act.

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