Man dies in Bexar County jail cell after attacked by another inmate, officials say

SAN ANTONIO — A Bexar County jail inmate died Wednesday after being attacked by another inmate while he was sleeping on November 3, according to an arrest affidavit.

Luke Christopher Pena, 21, attacked his cell mate Gilbert Zepeda, 61, while he was sleeping. Pena punched and stomped on Zepeda’s head which resulted in Zepeda having to get brain surgery. Zepeda died Wednesday evening, officials said. 

Pena said he attacked Zepeda because he didn’t like his hygiene and he felt Zepeda was disrespectful. He also said he was intentionally trying to kill Zepeda.

After the attack, Zepeda was taken to the hospital and underwent a craniotomy. Officials said Zepeda had a cardiopulmonary arrest due to the assault, and that was the cause of death reported on his hospital report.

Pena has been charged with murder. 

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