New program for infants at Brighton Center helps develop their social emotional skills

SAN ANTONIO – It is a new program for new parents: the Brighton Center has a new unique program that is open to infants that are 6-weeks-old to 18-months-old.

“Realistically I have to work and it gives me peace of mind knowing that they’re having fun and I get updates throughout the day. So I’m just as involved, even if I’m not here with them,” Topacio Moreno, a parent, said.

Topacio has two children who attend the Brighton Center, and her youngest is in their newest program.

“(It helps) their social awareness, is that even at a three-month-old baby, how big of a difference it made just versus them staying home,” Moreno said.

Topacio is one of the many parents who reached out, looking for a preschool for their young child.

“We had a lot of parents coming to bring maybe a preschool age sibling and then they also had a child who was an infant. And, you know, they just didn’t know where to take their babies, that they could feel comfortable and safe and encouraged that they were getting all the preschool readiness they needed,” Katrina Campbell, the CEO of Brighton Center said.

Campbell added that research shows there is a huge need for early childhood classrooms, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic.

“It’s more about discovery and curiosity and learning,” Michelle River, the vice president of education said. “We need higher emotional intelligence. And so we’re finding research that is finding that we need to do that from a very early age. It’s work. Learn to work with people, learn to work with teams, understand everybody of all abilities, have something to contribute to our workforce. And so, it really starts really young and it’s great.”

As for Topacio and her family, she is already seeing the impact of the program.

“I think the pandemic had a lot to do with babies — like their social emotional skills, not having them. It’s all-day learning, all-day play. They don’t know that they’re learning. They just they know they’re playing and they’re having fun with their friends,” Moreno said.

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