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The New York Times reported how missing San Antonio girl Lina Sardar Khil survived a suicide bomber terrorist attack in Afghanistan in the same year she vanished in Texas. Her family visited their home in the summer of 2021 and Lina was last seen in December. 

According to the publication, Lina’s dad served as a soldier in the Afghan army. He assisted U.S. troops during their mission overseas. As a reward, the U.S. granted him and his family immigration visas. However, last summer, they found themselves feet away from a suicide bomber who killed 13 U.S. soldiers and hundreds of Afghans. 

Lina and her family survived the blast and returned to San Antonio. Later that year, Lina went missing on December 20, 2021, while at her playground at her family’s apartment complex at 9400 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX 78240. Her mother told police that she left Lina playing in the area for a short time. When she returned, her daughter was gone. 

“We came from Afghanistan to have a happy and safe life here, but it didn’t happen,” Lina’s dad told the NYT. “My whole life was ruined.”

If you have information, call SAPD's Missing Person’s Unit at 210-207-7660.

If you have information, call SAPD’s Missing Person’s Unit at 210-207-7660.

Courtesy of SAPD

When Lina went missing, the San Antonio police and the FBI searched the area around the apartment several times, including a creek near Babcock Road that was searched by FBI divers on January 5. She was wearing a red dress, a black jacket, and black shoes. 

Since then, Lina’s case has received national attention as many hope to continue spreading awareness of her case. Last week, Lina was highlighted during In Pursuit With John Walsh. John Walsh joins Investigation Discovery on their joint mission to track down fugitives on the run and find missing children.

The Islamic Center of San Antonio increased its reward for information leading to her return home to $250,000 in February. In addition to the center, San Antonio Crime Stoppers said it will give a guaranteed $50,000 reward, for this case only, for information resulting in the arrest or indictment of a suspect accused of any involvement in Lina’s disappearance. 

If you have information, call SAPD’s Missing Person’s Unit at 210-207-7660.

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