Over 2,000 students get hands-on manufacturing experience through St. Philips College

Manufacturing programs at St. Philip’s College are giving students the opportunity to get hands-on learning and training.

The program coordinator at the Manufacturing Technologies program at St. Philips College said the Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Institute has expanded and impacted more students.

“We now have over 2,900 students between Martin Luther King and Southwest Campus,” said Anthony Broderick, the program coordinator.

The institute is designed for students who have an interest in areas such as transportation, construction and manufacturing.

With manufacturing growing in San Antonio, Broderick said the programs are not slowing down.

“Students have a great opportunity to learn some technical skills that are industry standards like every employer out there. As you know, there is a growing industry presence here and they all have a set of standards and skills that they want to learn and they have the opportunity here at St. Philips to learn them,” Broderick said.

To learn more about the manufacturing programs at St. Philips College, click here.

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