Pony caught taking late-night stroll in West Side neighborhood, ACS says

SAN ANTONIO – A pony was taken in by Animal Care Services, but not before stirring up trouble and treating himself to a night on the town on the West Side.

Ginuwine, the pony, was found galloping around a neighborhood off of Benrus Drive earlier this week, according to ACS.

A resident initially came across Ginuwine near his relative’s house and thought he would be easy to capture. However, that wasn’t entirely the case.

“Turns out the mane event was just getting started and Ginuwine was off to the races!” ACS said in a statement.

Ginuwine galloped across neighbors’ yards but eventually, the resident who first spotted him was able to contain him before calling ACS for help.

His owner wasn’t able to be tracked down that night, so ACS took Ginuwine back to the shelter.

Fortunately the next morning, his owner was found and he returned home, according to ACS.

“In addition to reclaim fees, they’re facing a citation for the pony’s midnight run,” ACS said in a statement. “Be a good neighbor — ensure your pets (and your ponies) remain on your property.”

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