Port SA offers first look at futuristic tower that will be home to DeLorean

Port San Antonio pulled the veil off its ambitious plans Tuesday for the future of a tech and manufacturing hub on the Westside. The first look included a look at a multistory office tower with a lofty design concept slated to become the home of the DeLorean Motor Company.

Port S.A. showed multiple renderings of the future campus at the old Kelly Air Force Base on Tuesday, the Express-News reported. One of the renderings depicts a neon lit tower on General Hudnell Drive that is reminiscent of science fiction, cyberpunk movies, and video games. 

A wider view of Port SA's futuristic hub shows just how ambitious the are for the company. 

A wider view of Port SA’s futuristic hub shows just how ambitious the are for the company. 

Courtesy of Port San Antonio

Except the Port SA project is apparently ground in reality, with hopes to complete the tower by 2025 for the company that was once responsible for the famous gull-wing sports car made famous by Steven Spielberg’s Back to the Future series of movies.

Led by CEO Joost de Vries, DeLorean announced its plans to establish its headquarters in San Antonio in February as it reimagines its brand with an electric vehicle called the Alpha5. Details about the car have been sparse from the company since it was first announced, but don’t worry, it will come in red.

Both San Antonio and Bexar County approved separate economic incentive packages totaling over $1 million in April. Receiving those funds is contingent upon the company hiring 450 people, in addition to other promises. Most of those positions will be in engineering and design.

The gull-wing doors are a call-back to the original DMC. 

The gull-wing doors are a call-back to the original DMC. 

Courtesy of DeLorean Motor Company

The Alpha5 will be built by third party manufacturers in Ontario and South Carolina. Delorean unveiled the new vehicle’s design in late May. 

The company has done what it can to distance itself from the old DeLorean Motor Company, which was founded by John DeLorean in 1975 in Detroit. It eventually shut down in 1985 after the technical snags in production led to $17 million in debt. Not to mention an FBI sting operation that tried to pin drug charges on DeLorean. 

After the original company shuttered, another reiteration of the company set up shop in Humble, Texas, servicing the roughly 6,000 classic DMC DeLoreans in existence. 

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