Possible murder weapon shown to jury in trial of man charged in deadly shooting

SAN ANTONIO – A jail phone call and a possible murder weapon were some of the evidence shown to jurors on the second day of the Bobby Solis murder trial.

Solis is charged with the 2020 murder of John Eric Garcia, who was found in the parking lot of a West Side apartment complex.

In the phone call played in court, Solis is speaking with an unidentified woman about the murder investigation.

“They are trying to say that it was an execution because he was shot in the back of the head,” Solis said in the call.

Garcia and Solis had an ongoing feud and on the night of the shooting, the two met up to speak about their issues.

Garcia was shot several times, but the possible weapon used in his murder wasn’t found until Feb. 2023.

The gun was not in Solis’ possession but instead was found during the arrest of a suspect involved in a separate, related case.

Police were able to trace it back to Garcia’s murder.

The trial will continue Thursday morning.

If Solis is found guilty, he is facing up to life in prison.


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