Rackspace dealing with global issue impacting some email accounts

SAN ANTONIO – Rackspace, a San Antonio-based tech company, is dealing with some major issues. The company sent out alerts last week about problems with its hosted exchange environment, which deals with emails.

Some businesses couldn’t access information or essential documents they may have exchanged with others.

Rackspace said it has been able to help some customers with the issue, but the problem persists for others.

An IT expert says the email issues go beyond San Antonio.

“Exchange hosted email, which is that particular problem, and it’s a global problem — not a local problem,” said Richard Coyle.

Coyle says he’s spoken with businesses who work in legal services who can’t access their information, so it’s made working legal cases more challenging.

Rackspace says its teams will continue to try and determine the full scope and impact of the issue.

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