Rainfall update: 🌧️ San Antonio’s 2023 rain total has already surpassed all of 2022

Weakening storms managed to move into portions of South Central Texas early Wednesday morning, dropping 0.23″ of rainfall at San Antonio International. When you tack that onto the rounds of rain found in the past few months, the 2023 total has now already surpassed the 2022 yearly total!

Breaking Down the Numbers

The 0.23″ of rain that dropped this morning now brings the total for the month of May to 3.62″ and the total for 2023 thus far to 11.54″.

For context, the entire rainfall total for 2022 rang in at 11.51″, with only 0.86″ falling in May. So we’re doing much better in the rainfall department this year!

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the monthly totals we’ve recorded at San Antonio International Airport in 2022 versus 2023.

Month 2022 2023 (As of 5/24/23)
January 0.32″ 0.69″
February 1.74″ 1.17″
March 0.32″ 1.31″
April 1.24″ 4.75″
May 0.86″ 3.62″
June 0.63″ TBD
July 0.01″ TBD
August 2.10″ TBD
September 0.98″ TBD
October 1.05″ TBD
November 1.79″ TBD
December 0.47″ TBD

Wednesday Morning Rain Totals (5/24)

San Antonio wasn’t the only spot that was able to tap into the rainfall Wednesday morning.

Boerne measured in at 0.28″, Seguin at 0.90″ and Gonzales at 0.46″, further boosting area rainfall totals this spring.

Wednesday morning (5/24) rain totals across portions of South Central Texas.

Impressive Cloud Formations

Along with the morning rumbles, gravity wave cloud formations were also noted around the San Antonio area after the storms passed us by. If you happened to see them and snapped a photo, feel free to upload them to KSAT Connect and we may show them on air!

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