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Last month, NFL on CBS asked its followers a question on which city is deserving of an NFL expansion team.

It’s a topic of conversation that comes up nearly every offseason. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson threw his city’s hat in the ring, despite already having the Dallas Cowboys in nearby Arlington. 

“Well I think the speculation about the NFL expanding is premature, but I wouldn’t expect any mayor in any city in the country not to say, ‘hey, my city would be great,'” Nirenberg told the local station. “As has been speculated for years, if there is a third team in Texas, it belongs in San Antonio.”

We agree with the mayor. While an expansion is likely not going to happen, why not San Antonio if it isn’t?

As we have argued in the past, San Antonio ranks as the seventh-largest city in the United States with 1.4 million people, according to a report from Among the top 10 cities, San Antonio is the only city without an NFL team. 

Nirenberg also brought up how San Antonio’s growth is one of the strong factors of why it should have an NFL team.

He told KENS 5, “It is also [a city] that is a gateway to Mexico, which is where the NFL and basically every professional league in the country wants to be at some point.”

This isn’t the first time Nirenberg has said he hopes for an NFL team in San Antonio. In 2021, Nirenberg told KSAT he believes the city could get an NFL team within the next 10 years. He also said the same thing in 2018.

Maybe Nirenberg believes in manifestation and is just putting it out there in the universe. If so, let’s hope the NFL is listening.

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