San Antonio CPS Energy bills jumped over 50% in June – mySA

San Antonio and most of Texas trying to keep cool amid the heat wave put stress on the state’s power grid last month, but it also strained people’s coffers as CPS Energy bills increased by more than 50% in the month of June. Here’s what you need to know. 

CPS Energy residential bills saw an increase of $147 year over year to $225 in the month of June, the Express-News reports. Residents running their air conditioning to combat temperatures that reached over 100 degrees can be attributed to half of that bill increase. 

In May, the Express-News also reported that bills jumped 25%. CPS Energy said that temperatures reached over 100 degrees for 17 days in June. The other reason for the increase in CPS bills was the rising cost of natural gas, which is used to run the utility’s power plants. The price of natural gas was $7.70 per unit in June, which is up $3.26 year over year. 

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