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A viral TikTok video showed what it’s like to be caught in the middle of an illegal street car racing event that involved gunshots on a San Antonio highway on Sunday, January 15. The San Antonio Police Department said the “street takeover” resulted in a shooting and then a four-car crash on Interstate 10.

“Street takeovers” involve a large group of cars taking over an intersection or parking lot, and in most instances don’t involve racing at all, according to the San Antonio police. The cars will perform donuts, burn-outs, or other displays of speed and acceleration. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, the “street takeovers” drastically surged where drivers met up and blocked traffic. It was noticed by local and state leaders. Texas laws passed in 2021 shift illegal street racing from a Class B misdemeanor to a Class A misdemeanor.

A viral TikTok video showed a takeover with gunfire on a San Antonio highway on Sunday, January 15.

A viral TikTok video showed a takeover with gunfire on a San Antonio highway on Sunday, January 15.

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What happened on Sunday?

San Antonio police said that around 10 p.m. on Sunday night, several vehicles blocked off I-10 near Callaghan Road before doing donuts. They also said at least one person shot a gun. When officers started to arrive, vehicles began leaving at high rates of speed. As a result, four cars crashed, SAPD said.

Police said no witnesses stayed to cooperate with the investigation. The people involved in the four-car crash were not seriously injured and declined to be transported to the hospital. SAPD did not reveal if any arrests took place.

SAPD is aware that we have occasional incidents with street racers or individuals who perform with their cars by doing donuts, burn-outs, or other displays of speed and acceleration,” SAPD said in a statement. “Typically these are isolated incidents and we ask the public to call the police and report these activities so we can respond. On the rare occasion that large numbers of car club members plan ‘street takeover’ events we monitor these through our Fusion Center and respond accordingly. Our Street Crimes unit takes the lead on street racing at night with DWI as a backup. We utilize all resources, including helicopters to coordinate a response and keep the public safe.”

Police want to remind others it is illegal to perform the actions of blocking the police or other emergency responders’ path. Penalties can increase up to the felony level and vehicles can be seized.

The viral video

San Antonio local RJ Fontenot filmed the now-viral TikTok video while in the middle of the takeover. The short clip caught the sounds of the gunfire from the shooting that occurred on the highway. It has received more than 5.6 million views and over 360,000 likes. He said he is OK after the experience. 

“Takeovers need to stop man,” the TikToker said. “This is ridiculous. There are innocent people you’re putting in danger.”

He specified in the comments that most takeovers in San Antonio become extreme, which many agreed with. 

The video is below (explicit language is used): 

@rj_fontenot takeovers needa stop man this is ridiculous. there’s innocent people you’re putting in danger. #fyp #fypシ #moanagofast #cartok #trending #vibes #xyzbca #love #spreadawareness ♬ original sound – RJ Fontenot

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