San Antonio man arrested for making terroristic threats against two private schools

According to an arrest warrant, 25-year-old Hayden Kuwamura threatened to kill coaches and teachers, and showed witnesses photos of guns.

SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio man was arrested over the weekend, accused of making threats against two local private schools.

According to an arrest affidavit, 25-year-old Hayden Kuwamura made threats to both St. Mary’s Hall and Central Catholic High School.

A witness told police that Kuwamura went to St. Mary’s Hall on Friday, saying he would “take out the coaches” before going to Central Catholic High School and “finishing the job.”

Kuwamura then showed the witness pictures of guns, and said he had a gun in his car.

According to police documents, the witness told investigators he never actually saw Kuwamura with a gun, but feared Kuwamura would be capable of following through on those threats.

Kuwamura was also seen on the campus of Central Catholic High School asking for a tour. That’s where investigators said Kuwamura started “airing out grievances about the Pope and the Catholic Church killing babies.”

After receiving the police report, the investigators said in the affidavit that he “found it odd” that Kuwamura would ask for a tour of Central Catholic High School since he was an alumni.

According to the police affidavit, Kuwamura also made threats against coaches and teachers while at Central Catholic High School, telling a witness that for everyone he killed, he would have “tally marks tattooed on him.”

According to online court records, Kuwamura was released from jail Monday on a PR bond, but is still facing three charges of terroristic threats.

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