San Antonio unveils red and white wine label to fund wildlife preservation efforts – Texas Public Radio

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The San Antonio Zoo unveiled a new line of red and white wine this month to help wildlife.

It’s called Conservino. The Zoo said all the proceeds will go to wildlife conservation programs in the Alamo City and throughout the world.

The wine is available at some local restaurants, including Fralo’s and Bar 301.

The zoo created the wine in partnership with the Kerrville Hills Winery. It has previously released a beer called Conserveza — in a partnership with Freetail Brewing Company — to also help fund conservation efforts.

Jesse Vargas, the Zoo’s chief operations officer and an amateur winemaker, teamed up with John Rivenburgh, owner of the Kerrville winery, to develop the wine from Texas grapes.

A statement from the Zoo explained that “Conservino Red Wine offers a flavorful medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo blend, high in tannins with notes of black cherry and baking spice. Conservino White Wine provides a light, crisp Roussanne blend with notes of green fruit and apricot with chamomile undertones.”

Vargas explained that proceeds from the new wine will help efforts to protect a variety of species, including the Texas Horned Lizard.

The wine labels reflect and celebrate endangered species. The red wine label shows a Sumatran tiger. There may only be 500 left in the world. The white wine labels shows a southern white rhino, whose numbers are growing, but only two northern white rhinos survive.

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