Taco Bell bringing back Mexican pizza — permanently

Taco Bell is bringing back its popular Mexican pizza next month, and they’re sticking around permanently this time.

Taco Bell announced that the item is returning on Sept. 15, three months after it was discontinued due to supply issues, according to CNN.

The Mexican pizza was first discontinued in November 2020 but returned to the menu on May 19.

It only lasted on the menu for two weeks due to high demand and supply chain issues, CNN reported.

“Taco Bell worked diligently to resolve depleted ingredients and supply chain challenges that originally caused longer gaps in the product’s availability,” Taco Bell told the network.

The item was introduced to the menu in 1985 as the “Pizzazz Pizza” and includes two tortilla shells filled with beef and topped with beans, pizza sauce, tomatoes and melted cheese.

It was sold for $4.49 when it returned in May.

Taco Bell told CNN that the Mexican pizza’s demand was seven times higher than when it was previously available.

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