Texas A&M Parsons Mounted Cavalry prepares for Western Heritage Parade and Cattle Drive

SAN ANTONIO – Texas A&M University’s 70-member Parsons Mounted Cavalry saddled up for the Western Heritage Parade and Cattle Drive in downtown San Antonio Saturday.

“This is the troop element, and they are getting their halters and their bridles on. The seniors are putting their sabers on their horses,” senior cavalry student Maria Hall said.

The students are part of the nation’s only collegiate mounted cavalry unit.

Part of their traditions includes senior students carrying their earned sabers on their horses.

“All the seniors, they all have sabers. So at some point whenever we’re passing… seniors pull their sabers out, and they’ll salute,” she explained.

Hall’s partner, Sammie Travis, says the hard work, time, and dedication it takes to be part of the cavalry are all characteristics that represent leadership lessons.

“You build bonds, you learn horsemanship, and then you learn leadership through that horsemanship,” Travis said.

Hall said one of their goals during the event is to remind people of American history.

“We have people come from all walks of life. It’s amazing to celebrate the culture within our unit and to do it on a larger scale, like at the western heritage parade,” Hall said.

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